How to Stake Terra (LUNA) Using Trust Wallet

Create Trust Wallet

Unlike the original Terra Station Wallet, Trust Wallet can process various crypto-currencies, including LUNA. Meanwhile, the app does not charge any fees for its downloading and use. Its elaborate, intuitive, and informative interface and security attracted over 5 million users.

Step 1: Download and install Trust Wallet

Open the Trust Wallet download page and pick up the app that matches your OS.

Step 2: Create a wallet

Once the installation completes, click CREATE A NEW WALLET or, if you already have a wallet and wish to use it, click I already have a wallet.

Step 3: Enter and re-enter your password

Step 4: Memorize and enter your recovery phrase

Get LUNA coins

Step 1: Enable LUNA in Trust Wallet

First off, you need to add Terra blockchain to your Wallet main menu.

Step 2: Acquire LUNA with Trust Wallet

Now, let’s get some coins. The minimum amount to stake is 0.01 LUNA. However, you would need to have a bit more to cover transaction fees.

Stake LUNA

Step 1: Select Terra (LUNA) in the list

Step 2: Click More

Step 4: Check out Stake Details and click Stake

Step 5: Choose a validator.

Step 6: Set the amount to delegate.

Staking is available with as little as 0.01 LUNA. However, keep some LUNA coins on your account (unstaked) to cover service fees. That is, do not choose MAX.

Step 7. That’s it!

Your staking rewards are pending.

How to undelegate (unstake, unbond) your LUNA coins?

You can always initiate the unbonding process.

Good to know

What is LUNA staking?

LUNA staking enables LUNA coin holders to delegate their coins to a validator. The validators earn rewards for serving transactions, proposing and approving new blocks, burning excessive coins, etc. They implement the Terra ecosystem designs and continuously maintain its operations.

Why LUNA staking is worth trying?

Terra ecosystem is unique even among stablecoins. That is, genuinely. And it’s the sheer beauty of the idea, design, and implementation.

What is Everstake?

Everstake is a top provider of staking-as-service and a maintainer of multiple blockchains. It is a trusted validator to many promising projects, including Terra. You can delegate your LUNA tokens to Everstake using Terra Station Wallet.



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