Everstake Weekly Update Recap (May 4, 2020)

In many countries, the COVID-19 virus spread gets lower and countries slowly start to recover easing quarantine measures. And it’s more than a good sign because companies will go back to its normal working schedules, allowing their teams to deliver new solutions in different industries. Blockchain space is no different here, and in this recap, you will discover what happened during the last week across this industry.


  • Tezos Stable Technologies Announces Defi Partnership with Leading Security Token Issuance Platform
  • Tezos interview with foundation board member Hubertus Thonhauser
  • Beginner’s guide to Tezos TZIP-7 proposal
  • Front-running under PoS: a brief review
  • Tezos stablecoin USDtz partners with Tokensoft






  • We have upgraded Solana Mainnet Beta node to v1.0.21 and Tour de SOL node to v1.1.8
  • Kusama nodes were successfully upgraded to v0.7.32
  • Everstake has upgraded Ethereum 2.0 beacon-chain node and validator to v1.0.0-alpha.6
  • We have upgraded REMME Mainnet nodes to v0.4.2
  • Our team has joined Harmony Pangea Phase 3
  • ICON Staking Guide: ICX Claiming and Unstaking

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